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New Year, New Routines....Many resolutions are not always worth keeping, but we guarantee you, if an exercise routine is on your list, it is definitely worth the work!

Keeping an exercise routine will not only keep you healthy, but it will also boost morale, confidence and productivity in your work and personal life.

Not sure how to make the routine stick? Don't think there are enough hours in the day? We've got some suggestions to help keep you on track:

1) Get a Trainer or Work-Out Buddy

Someone who can help to keep you accountable. Sometimes we need a little encouragement to kickstart a routine and keep it going...

2) Commit to a Class

There are SO many different options for fitness classes now! Whether it's a martial art, boxing, barre, spin or anything in between, pre-paying for a class is a sure fire way to make sure you'll be there so you don't waste your hard-earned cash!

3) Join a Challenge group

Challenge groups are a free and fun way to connect with people who have similar goals as you! There are many on social sites such as Facebook and Meetup with challenges like clean eating and different targeted workouts! They're an awesome way to be kept accountable and get some inspiration, who knows, you may even make a couple new friends!

4) Set your alarm out of reach

Getting your workout in first thing in the morning is a pretty good guarantee that you'll ACTUALLY workout. We have way more excuses after work - we're drained or more exciting plans come up...By getting a workout in first thing in the morning, not only have you started your day doing something for yourself (which is arguably one of the best ways to start your day) but you can go home after work and binge-watch your favorite shows - guilt free!

5) Have a "lazy day" back up plan

Couldn't bring yourself to get to your gym or class? Invest in the basics for a quick at-home workout: an exercise mat and a couple of free weights. That way, when you really don't feel like making the trip to the gym, you'll have the resources to spend 30 minutes flexing your muscles at home. Even if your workout is shorter and lighter than usual, doing something is better than nothing!



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