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We're using this year to brush up and make some healthy changes that will benefit our home, business, mind, body, soul AND wallet!

Stay tuned for our lifestyle series for 2017!

Today, we begin with the majority of our staffs favorite way to start the day...COFFEE!

Whether your like it with cream, sugar, black, steamed, flavoured, blended or iced, buying a coffee everyday can certainly put a dent in your wallet!

On average, a medium latte at Starbucks costs $4.25*. 1 Coffee every work day for one year at Starbucks will set you back $1,020 per year! That's a plane ticket, a fancy local vacation or an extra $1,020 for a down-payment or that big purchase you've been waiting to make!

Here are our suggestions for a more budget friendly caffeine fix:

1) Make coffee at home - You can buy a trendy french press for less than $30 at most London Drugs, or if you like your espresso, you can purchase a Keurig (or other coffee pod machine) or small espresso machine for less than half of your yearly Starbucks spend. Pour your fresh brew into a portable mug and you are good to go on your morning jolt!

2) Make coffee at work - It may not be as fancy as your Starbucks latte, but there are definitely ways to spice up the office Keurig! Try flavoured coffee syrups to add in to your morning brew, you can buy a 750ml of Torani coffee flavouring syrup for less than $12! (That's the price of TWO Starbucks coffees AND it will last you miles longer!)

3) If you absolutely MUST purchase your coffee in the morning, go for the less lavish option and try a drip coffee with a pump of flavour for a less expensive flavoured caffeine option.

We hope that these tips will help you with your New Year resolutions...and remember, at GNK Insurance, our business is your business - we work with some of the best insurance companies to ensure that all your needs are covered whether at work or home.

Good Faith, Neighbourhood Service, Knowledgeable Staff. That's GNK.



*From Starbucks App


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