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Trees, bushes and shrubs are beautiful and so wonderful to see, especially in the city. Greenery in your yard can enhance your property, provide shade and so many other benefits. However, with great beauty can also come some pretty serious risks!

Trees can present a significant safety hazard, especially during heavy rain or wind conditions.

The winter is a great time of year to check what is going on with your trees as, typically, they have less folliage this time of year. Take a look at your trees and check if you can see any dead or broken wood, crossing, rubbing, diseased or hanging limbs.

Make sure to treat or remove pest problems as soon as you spot them! Some critters can cause real damage which could result in weak or falling trees...and trust us, a fallen tree is not a fun occurrence - it could majorly damage yours or adjacent properties.

If you see or suspect any problems with your trees, we recommend contacting an arborist who can properly assess which issues need to be address and take care of it professionally.

Tree trimming is not only beneficial for the trees themselves but also for the vicinity surrounding the trees. Overgrown trees can cause visual (and physical) obstructions for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists which could cause unwarranted accidents. Sometimes very tall trees or branches need to be trimmed to avoid getting tangled in electrical wires!

In the unfortunate occurrence of a claim, please be sure to contact your insurance broker immediately. Have questions about your coverage? We are always here to help! Call us at: 604-731-4684 (Vancouver) or 604-434-8259 (Burnaby).




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