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First it was snow, and now we are back to rainy Vancouver!

Especially with the rain can come unexpected water damage. Here are some tips so that you're not taken by surprise!

1. Check your rain gutters & Clean them out!

If it's safe, grab your ladder and check on your gutters. If you see lots of leaves, birds’ nests, sticks, etc, your gutters definitely need a good cleaning. On a rainy day a clogged gutter can send water spilling into your home’s foundation, through the roof, or down in to your basement!!! If your gutters are too high, don't take the risk and get a professional to check them.

2. Maintain your roof in good condition

Corrosion or deterioration of your roof, wind or hail damage or improper installation of vents, flues, chimneys, air conditioners, evaporative coolers or condensers can all result in roof leaks. Be on top of fixing, patching, and replacing roofs as necessary.

3. Check your windows and doors to ensure no leaks

Have a good look around your windows and exterior doors to ensure that there is no dampness, staining or leaks around the sills or casings. If there is, in fact, a problem, you'll want to nip it in the bud before larger (and more difficult to repair) damage occurs! Repair or replace caulk, weather stripping, glazing, window seals, door seals or any other exterior area damaged by use, abuse or normal weathering.

4. Check your basement regularly for any water coming in from sewer drains

It's possible that snow thaw or overflowing drains may leak in to your basement. Make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of leaks or drips and ensure that any cracks in the walls, joints or foundation are sealed immediately!

5. Check your plumbing

Check for leaking, dripping or "sweating" pipes and faucets, clogged drains and faulty water drainage systems. Inspect washing machine hoses for bulges, cracks or wetness. Inspect your furnace or water heater for signs of rust or water on the floor.

If you have any doubts or, unfortunately, a claim has in fact occurred, please call a professional and ensure to report to your broker!

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