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Identity theft can happen anywhere - whether it's over the internet, the phone or even your very own mailbox. It is also the fastest growing type of fraud in North America*.Identity theft happens when someone steals your name and other personal information in order to fraudulently access your financial accounts, open new accounts in your name or apply for loans or credit cards.

It's easier than you think for identity thieves to steal your information. Here are some ways you can protect yourself:

1) NEVER EVER provide your personal information (especially login user names and passwords and credit card numbers) through an email! This is a hackers dream! You are basically giving away your payment information to anyone who would like to access it. The safest way to make a remote payment would be either over the phone or through a secure payment method (such as Interac E-Transfer or Paypal).

2) Never carry your SIN Card with you. It is very rare that you will need this number - carrying it around is like an all access pass for a thief to steal your information; especially if you're carrying it in a wallet with other ID's and payment cards.

3) If you lose your credit or debit card, make sure to cancel it as soon as you notice it's gone! Your bank should be able to track your recent transactions and detect anything suspicious. If someone has made a fraudulent transaction, make sure your bank is aware of it!

4) Protect your mail. If you have a mailbox which is located outside your house, make sure to pick up any mail as soon as possible after delivery as your bank statements and invoices can be a great source of information for thieves.

5) Be mindful of what you toss in the trash. If there is anything with your personal information on it, be sure to shred it before you throw it in the recycling bin!

6) When creating website passwords, try using the "Vanity Plate" method and introducing numbers to replace letters when forming a word - for example: C4NDY, C4tL0ve, Sw33t to make sure your passwords are as secure as possible.

7) Make sure not to write down any ID or PIN numbers on the payment cards themselves. Ideally, you would have these memorized, but if memorization is an issue, make sure to write these down somewhere that is safe, secure and away from the cards themselves.

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