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#Snomaggedon has struck once more in Vancouver!

It's not all pretty views and crazy traffic...with the snow and slush comes a lot more home maintenance than we'd like...

Here are our top tips for making sure you and your home don't suffer with the snow!

1) Make sure to shovel your driveway and sidewalk. If we learned anything from #snomaggedon part 1 is that ice-melting salt can be hard to come by and a slippery driveway is a major hazard!!

2) Snow build up around your homes foundation can cause accelerated deterioration and expensive repairs. Make sure to shovel snow away from the base of your home (especially around windows and doors) to avoid water pooling.

3) Remove snow and ice from external vents to avoid putting extra pressure on your heating and cooling systems. Letting snow sit could lead to moisture problems and possibly mould or rot in your home’s wooden structure.

4) Replace your furnace filters! Air filters collect debris and allergens, and should be replaced every 3 months to keep them running properly! (**when in doubt, check your furnaces manual or call a professional!)

5) Keep an eye on trees. Snow can settle on to tree limbs which will make them heavier and more prone to breaking. Brush off the snow on your trees by using a broom to extend your reach - don't shake the tree to remove snow as this could cause some limbs to break more easily! Ensure to maintain proper tree maintenance in the fall to help prevent breakage, if a limb does fall, make sure to have it removed as soon as possible!

6) Prevent frozen pipes by insulating them (especially the ones by windows and doors and in unheated areas of your home). You will also want to disconnect your hose from the outside faucet and keep your heat set to at least 12.7 degrees when you're away. If it gets really cold, ensure to leave your faucets dripping slightly.

Sometimes, all of our efforts to avoid a claim are still not enough..if the weather manages to cause damage to your home make sure to call your insurance broker to walk you through the proper steps! We are always here to answer questions for you.

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From all of us at GNK, have a wonderful weekend!




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