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Are you planning on going on vacation? Make sure you're not advertising to theives that you are away.

Ideally, you would want to find someone to stay in your house whilst you are away, however, we recognize that this is not always possible, especially if the trip is unexpected.

The second best alternative is to make arrangements with a neighbour, friend or a professional security firm to enter your house frequently in order to open and close drapes, turn lights on and off, pick up mail and arrange for lawn cutting which incidentally provides something to put in a garbage can (thieves often look for empty garbage cans when "casing" prospective victims).

Some other general precautions in order to avoid residential theft include: putting lights on timers, having good perimeter lighting, using outdoor motion sensor lights and making sure that locks on windows and doors are adequate and secure.

Monitored alarm systems are available at relatively low cost, as are camera systems connected to your smart phone. Many neighbourhoods have also established Block Watch programs.

If you are going on a winter vacation, special precautions are necessary. Your policy will exclude Water Damage resulting from Freezing if you are away for more than 4 consecutive days, unless one of the following precautions are taken:

  • You have arranged for a competent person to enter your dwelling each day you are away to ensure that heating is maintained.
  • You have shut off the water supply to your dwelling completely and drained all the pipes and domestic water containers.
  • You have connected your heating system to an alarm that is monitored 24 hours/day by a central monitoring service.

Marking valuables with personal identification makes objects less attractive to theives and easier to trace if stolen. Having your driver's license number engraved on valuable electronics is an excellent way to protect them against loss.

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